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Aubrey Webb's Primary Services

Service Overview

My aim is to keep my clients fully informed of their rights, to ensure they understand what is happening with their cases, and to:

Accelerate release from custody

Avoid the filing of formal charges by the government

Avoid a jail sentence

Avoid a criminal conviction

Assault and battery cases; burglary; domestic violence; drug crimes; felonies; misdemeanors; juvenile crimes; murder and manslaughter; sex crimes; theft crimes; identity theft; violent crimes or firearm crimes.

Domestic violence and restraining orders; international family law; and international child abduction

Embezzlement; money laundering; bribery and extortion; forgery; price fixing; racketeering; identity theft; securities and commodities law violations; bank and insurance fraud; credit card fraud; insider trading; tax evasion; health care fraud; and public assistance fraud

Case Oversight

Depositions, filings, subpoena services, medical reports, investigations, expert witnesses, and any other services necessary to the preparation of your case

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